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How to run the tool

First try the online demo

The tool it works on most platform including Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux (for example the demo site)

Next, run the GUI with


Generating a diagram from file:

python sample.sql

Command line parameter '-' will cause text to be read from standard input.If you paste directly text, end input with ^D (^Z on Windows)

python -

Once output is error free, feed it into Graphviz:

python - | dot -T png -o current.png

If there are too many tables, output is not so nice. Emden R. Gansner suggested to generate a graph, parse it and generate a new, directed graph which looks much better:

python - | neato | gvpr -fdir.g | dot -Grankdir=LR -Edir=none -T png -o current.png